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5 Tips for Search Engine Optimization - WWW.SEOCOMPANYUK.BIZ

On Page Optimization - or "content is king": The most important and most basic of course is always the

The bridge to your website should always be kept fresh

"On Page Optimization" - so that one's website is optimally used. Ensure fresh content is essential.

Tip # 1:
Even if you do not maintain traditional blog - get an editorial calendar and write down at least once a month, a website with a post-own address. Choose a heading has the chance to be ergooglet. As more and more website owners use content management systems such as Joomla or WordPress, this should not be a problem.

Traffic gain from social networks: In our training as social media manager is of course always plays a major role as one gains more visitors - because social media is one of the best ways to generate traffic

Tip # 2:
Link to your website from Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.
This is obviously less exciting when you have a static website and rarely adds new content. But even then you can from time to time in Facebook posts refer to the page - or you can as the "sender" in tweets insert a short URL of your own web address. And of course, there are other social networks like Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ .... you just have to do!

Link Building - the classic with SEO Company: Backlinks are a third important element in search engine optimization. You need strategies as other sites on the own link

Tip # 3:
Often times comment! Especially comments in major newspapers and blogs are very useful. Not only that by doing this (if you do not specify your web address) get a valuable link - you will also find quite with your comment directly to Google - ideally it would be if you can think of at least once a week a full-bodied constructive comment on a topic that you represent . Please just do not "spam comments" - so that you spoil your reputation.

Link Building about online press releases: Press releases are natural for corporations, associations and organizations - why not for you?

Tip # 4:
Take advantage of free press portals - so come sometimes to Google News! Which press portals are currently ranked particularly well is constantly changing. It is recommended that "Google News" to experiment and also to find good current press portals with a few keywords on. With a little practice, according to a press release is created and shipped quickly. All the latest news about your company, you can use - the best of times a month.

Email Marketing - so you also find your content! Last but not least - the e-mail newsletter - still the classic traffic generators.

Tip # 5:
Although you may start with a distribution of 20 subscribers, 30 e-mail - a newsletter is always worthwhile. You must of course have the consent of the addressee, and you must ensure that subscribers are able to easily unsubscribe - but even with a BCC (blind copy) e-mail list, you can begin. Short updates on fresh readable content on your site (your blog) are reference reliable traffic supplier.

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The Value Of The Content In SEO After Google Panda

Google Panda was one of the most important updates that we have seen in the Google algorithm in recent years has changed the Search Engine Optimization methodology of many SEO consultants. Google Panda came to light in February 2011 and have since gone out new versions of this famous update to the point that we are now at version 24 of Google Panda and in short we find the 25, probably later this year.

This update is not really, as many people think, a Google algorithm update but is actually a filter that is applied to the same, as is the case with Google Penguin, although in the case of updating the Penguin filter is intended to techniques of artificial link building.

Google Panda was intended to penalize or lower positions of the sites:

1. They are poor in content, or what is the same, they have very little content on your website and therefore do not provide information about

2. Have duplicate content (copied from elsewhere on the web). We have seen many cases of sites being penalized even the original authors of the articles simply because others have copied the article as is and Google has failed to distinguish the original author.

3. Posen low quality content. Understood as little originality content that does not attract any interest to people and / or fill is written exclusively for keywords.

In this way the websites they met any of the 3 previous points were clearly disadvantaged in their search engine optimization and many suffered serious consequences because of the content by Google Panda.

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Why Unique Content Is Important For SEO

In the SEO game, content is still king - UNIQUE content, that is. If you want your site to gain Search Engine Optimisation, original service, part informative, and reader friendly articles is always the best choice.

How the copied content can hurt your search engine rankings:

Like many other fast solutions used by website owners rush to get their ranking up, duplicate content is backfiring (big time). This is because search engines are becoming more intelligent - they can now differentiate the real deal of copiers. Google, for example, can tell if a site is duplicating his malice pages to manipulate search engine rankings or mislead users. If you copy the contents of another Web site or publish your own content into multiple pages, your site may be penalized. Its ranking will go down (at least), or worse, it may be banned.

Why Unique Content is King:

In addition to making your site "desirable" for the search engines, unique content can also market your website and you tons of traffic.

1. Enjoy free article directories that allow you to place a link on your site in exchange for a single item that you contribute. These sites usually have high page ranks and getting an inbound link them never hurts. In addition, users who come across items that you contribute to this site may click on the link in your site gain significant traffic.

2. Writing your own unique content makes your website credible - if you do it often enough and really put a lot of research on what you write, (a) you position yourself as an "expert" in your specific area and gain (b ) a faithful readership. Users search pages and pages looking for reliable information - give it to them and they will come back for more.

3. Webmasters websites rank high love content, unique informative. They are more likely to link to your site and even encouraged others if they see that your articles are not plagiarized and are very useful for their readers.

4. Do you want to avoid prosecution? Can not plagiarize. If you duplicate items from other sites without permission of the original author, you may face costly trial copyright infringement.

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Google: The Latest Release Of Panda

Matt Cutts had announced Friday, March 15, some webmasters confirm that the update Panda (25) would be gone this weekend.

This is the last official day as Google has announced that Panda will now be integrated directly by the engine algorithm for an update. The announcement comes just days after the announcement of the next filter punishing ecommerce sites.

Panda invisible, it means what?
Integrated into the Google Panda algorithm, it first involves a loss of visibility for SEOs when changing positions in the SERPs of Google .. Difficult to say with certainty that a penalty is due to a filter if you do not have the dates of launches. This means above all in case of loss of position, it will be harder to find the cause and correct it.

It seems logical that Google integrates its Panda algorithm. If he had not, it would simply mean that it is a secondary filter, the reduced importance. The integration in the algorithm also strengthens psychosis related to the beast, to hover continuously sword of Damocles over Search Engine Optimization.
Panda that is added to the Google algorithm also goes in the direction of the engine about the authors. A skilled writer, who publishes regularly will always be more likely to dodge the blows of bamboo.
This integration of the Panda algorithm recalls the already distant time when the engine was its updates occasionally, during the famous Google Dance. When the Dance became constant, it has forced SEO professionals to change their habits to improve the quality of their sites. The shadow of the Panda algorithm should again push webmasters to monitor the content of their sites.

For SEO, the main advantage of a continuous updating of the Google Panda algorithm and is able to perform tests quickly, without waiting for the monthly update. Obviously, in case of sanction, it also allows to find its position more quickly.
Penguin and then?
The logical extension of this is that Google integrates Penguin in its algorithm. As for Panda, it means that the engine gives out any confidence in this filter. And he has a real role to play in positioning.

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Drive Traffic To Your Site

When conventional techniques of Search Engine Optimisation confessed their limits, we must ask the question of creating traffic to your site in a different way.

They are called affiliation, social networks or adding editorial content, these techniques are mastered by referencing pole ENJOY LIFE!

The marketing approach is essential, your corporate website, your online store is not just software tools but advanced your online communication and your business positions.

Technical Affiliate

The principle is simple. I insert a banner on a website and I pays the host site each time a user clicks on it to get to my site ... implementation can sometimes be more difficult because it must be able to identify the "good" sites capable of generating qualified traffic may become a pool of potential customers. The role of your service is set up with the right targets, selecting the right media, create attractive banners and offer a reliable and objective analysis of the results.

Social Networks

They are fashionable and are becoming increasingly important in online communication and trade. The best known of them are Facebook, Viadeo and LinkedIn and all those who "have" online have their wall and share a lot of information, creating a dense network on the web, generating many links. Others chose Twitter to publicize all the essential ideas they want to share!
We manufacture according to your lines of communication, the tools to optimize the publication of information on Facebook or Twitter ... and if you have more original ideas, we study the feasibility with you before making a specific development.

Editorial Content

We can not say enough, the search engines feed on words!
Create editorial content and publish it on good sites may be paid if the targets were well chosen and if the contents are up to. Then, the links will do the rest and you will get targeted traffic interested in the content of your communication.


An old technique should not be overlooked.

It is certainly not without its faults, as the proliferation of spam barriers, the difficulty of finding reliable databases of emails and especially the proliferation of messages not complying with the rules.

Used sparingly and targeted files on your own, it may nevertheless consituer a useful addition to the traffic to your site. Success is in the mix...

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SEM or Search Engine Marketing For A Successful Project Or Website E-Commerce Site

Search engine marketing is essential to know for every company with a website run. People use search engines to find the products, services and information they need. With over 90% of internet users relying on search engines, the search engine marketing should be a top priority for any business.

SEO or SEO web site is undoubtedly the main online marketing tool to get a better visibility on the web. Optimizing your site for search engines led directly to a better conversion rate of sales for a relatively weak against other techniques and methods of marketing cost. It is important to understand how the combined use of two kinds SEO and PPC can maximize the potential of your site.

The combination of SEO (natural optimization SEO) and PPC (Pay Per Click or Paid advertising system) ensures better visibility on search engines and you generate quality traffic on your website.

SEO or natural SEO and optimization on search engines

The SEO and optimizing your site for search engines will provide a quality location in the pages of research results, increase the volume of traffic to your site and allow you to achieve your goal in a specific market.

The SEO is relatively inexpensive compared to all other marketing strategies. Establish a strong Internet presence for your business through SEO is also preparing your site for PPC advertising campaigns.

Well put the SEO can affect a very long time. Indeed, it is not necessary to pay a sum to keep your position every month, however, it is advisable to check regularly the relevance of your keywords and phrases and their positions in the search results pages and establish an annual strategy or bi-annual review and some possible alterations to keep your position and your goals.

Marketing PPC or paid search engine

To produce more focused and faster than natural search results, it is necessary to use other techniques that offer search engines, also used to generate traffic. PPC is an online marketing technique that involves the payment of ads per click system, allows you to place your website directly in front of your target audience in exchange for a fee. This system of Pay Per Click (you only pay if the user clicks on the link) helps to increase brand awareness and generate more traffic to your site.

The combination of strategies

It is also important to combine SEO with PPC Indeed; this dual strategy still allows greater visibility and provides a specific target population with very advanced settings.

Other Web marketing techniques exist to improve the quality of your ranking and visibility of your site on search engines to learn more about these techniques please see our range of products dedicated to web marketing.

Optimize Its Submission To Directories

Submitting to directories is an essential element of a successful Search Engine Optimization campaign: Links generated not only participate in your popularity with engines, but also generate direct traffic, often of good quality.

Some Tips For Effective Submissions:

Heal your site: Any interest in a directory publisher a little bit serious reference sites unfinished, that do not work or display five popups? A book worthy of the name is not a link farm, but a collection of resources. Also ask yourself whether your site adds value to users of the directory.

Target your submissions: No need to submit your site riad in Marrakech to a directory specializing in the sights of the Nord-Pas de Calais region, you are wasting your time and losing publishers to make the book. Also, save time for publishers making the effort to submit your website in the most relevant category of the directory, not the root. Keep in mind that the more you facilitate the work of the editors, the higher your site will likely be accepted.

Treat your titles and descriptions: There is nothing more painful for a publisher than having to rewrite a title or description. Avoid keywords in the title, which should take the name of the site. Write a true sentence presentation site with subject, verb and complement, not a series of keywords. Avoid superlatives ("the best") and incentives to visit. Simply describe your site, its content, its specificity, its functionality. 

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Penguin: New Google Algorithm

Penguin Google may penalize pages one by one and not the site as a whole, as is the case with the Google Panda brother. And your site will not be penalized as a whole for a single gap or breach of the rules of Google.

Unlike Panda, Penguin is included in the general algorithm of Google, this is not an additional filter:

*Google Panda, re-evaluates the sites once a month to ensure that its rules are respected.
*Google Penguin analysis almost always referencing site. If you are penalized by Penguin and you adjust your Search Engine Optimization criteria, then the penalty can stop almost immediately.

According to our analysis, this is the main feature of this new algorithm:

Netlinking: This algorithm is essentially based on the external elements of the site and less on internal components. It appears that the over-optimized netlinking is the cause of delisting.

Optimize website content

Negative elements taken into account by Penguin.

Attention to titles
* Prevent the accumulation of key phrases in titles.
* Do not repeat the main keyword in the h1 tag, h2, h3 ...

The content of the page
* Repeat key words in the text is useless. It is better to type a text and well done.
* Do not saturate the pages with advertisements.

Internal and external links in the site text
* Beware of poor quality external links.
* Do not repeat the same internal links (this is what can happen with tools that automatically insert links).

Finally, all this is not new ... and already penalized by Panda ...

The criteria for off-site: the netlinking

Negative elements external to the site considered by Penguin.

* Do not build backlinks, especially if the anchor contains verbatim the main request of the landing page.
* Avoid many backlinks coming from forums that have nothing to do with your topic.
* Avoid backlinks from sites medium or low quality and systematically from sites Press Releases.
* Prevent the accumulation of backlinks from sites abroad in a foreign language.
* Attention to buy backlinks.
* Too many backlinks from different websites, but the same owner would be too visible.

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SEO And Google Bombing Spamdexing

Google Bombing Spamdexing
SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the practice is to make a website appear in the top results of search engines, using keywords directly related to its theme. Most often, as is the case for this site appearing in the first place search on Google for Search Engine Optimization, a place in the top 10 results of the major search engines is guaranteed. Many companies specialize in SEO and it would be boring to know the various tools at their disposal to boost a site and the front line. The interest is obvious for a company that wants to bring up his site to its competitors as a result of a search for a particular product on keywords related to its business.

SEO Challenges

There are so-called "SEO challenge" which are kind of competition to get better ranking on the search engines (the winner is the one who pushes his site in the first place) for a given keyword. Most often, this single key word is not indexed before (on Google: "No records match the specified search"). Prizes are awarded to winners as a function of time during which the site retains its place (1 month, 2 months etc.


Misuse of these practices led to the so-called spamdexing (dexing for indexing: SEO, spam representing a "massive electronic communications, including e-mail, unsolicited recipients, for advertising or dishonest purposes.")
The difference between SEO and spamdexing is not obvious, although the techniques used for spamdexing are identifiable (and reprehensible) abusive proliferation of links pointing to the same address, networking sites whose main purpose is their own interconnection, giving the whole a "weight" on the search engines. Google, for example, a link to a site is considered a vote, you can see the latter technique as a self-election. Google does not seem to have automatic methods to identify and remove these spamdexing "improper referrals" case by case.

Spamdexing = Google Bombing?

In light of these factors, where can you put the practice of Google Bombing (or Link Bombing)? Is this an honest or dishonest SEO? Google responds: "We do not condone the practice of Google bombing, or any other action that seeks to affect the integrity of our search results (...) but they do not affect the overall quality.

The Google Bombing can be assimilated to spamdexing, in its use for commercial purposes, ie in the case of a contract between the related "spamdexer" and the target company, or in the case of "ego-bomb" which aims to promote their own site through the practice of spamdexing
In this case, Google Bombing and spamdexing are confused.

However, in most other cases, and this is what interest me, Google Bombing does not control to promote a site so dishonest (or removing any financial benefit). Each link is a vote as defined by Google, a vote for the positioning information of a site in the first place search results, often tinged dispute.

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Part 1: SEO Audit - Before You Start

You all expect, the finally here: the ultimate guide to achieve an Search Engine Optimization audit from A to Z. Very difficult to achieve for the simple reason that I never performed an audit in the same way back. So we will start by asking the basics before entering the heart of the matter.

An audit is performed according to the objectives of the site, and this is the reason why an audit for a site does not look like that done for another site. The first thing to consider is to clearly define what the customer wants to know what direction you should take to achieve your audit. That said, it's time to start.

Above all, try to recover as much information as possible, the main ones being:

*Access to the Analytics (Google Analytics, etc.).
*Access to Google Webmaster Tools
*Access to Bing Webmaster Tools
*Recovery logs
*Access to the server, or at least a copy of the file.
A properly configured analytics tool will also give you the conversion rate, the more pages that convert, site goals, etc.. Unfortunately, very often the tool is not configured or used 100% and it will ask to have these statistics in a different way.

It also often happens that no account Webmaster Tools does not exist, it is not necessarily easy work, but as nothing is ever too late; this is the perfect time to create

Why is this information important? Simply because they will:

*To know the activity of the motors on the site.
*To know the behavior on the site.
*To already identify potential blocking factors.
*The tools needed, on your side, we will have a deployed arsenal.

A crawler
If you could use only one tool, it would be this one. At a minimum, the crawler must be highlighted:

The status of the URL (or response code, you call it like you want).
The depth level.
File type.
This is the subsistence minimum. Ideally, the crawler can also show information such as:

Guidelines (meta robots, X-Robots-Tag)
Title the page
 Weight files
 The presence or absence of a canonical.
 The number of internal and external links.
 Content of h1 and h2.
Of course, depending on the objectives, other information may be useful / necessary. Decide for yourself what to get or not

A back links analyzer
If Webmaster Tools already give us information on inbound links, they are unfortunately far from complete. This is why a link analysis tool will be useful. Indeed, we certainly need to know information such as:
anchor inbound links
the total number of links and fields
quality inbound domains

A visibility tool
Necessarily imprecise yet indispensable tool visibility will be an overview of the presence of the site on the engines, the presence of competitors, but also to assess the development potential of the site in terms of visibility, so in terms traffic, so in terms of turnover.

A positioning tool keywords
I do not deny that it is really not that important to me. I will still mention it in this folder and share with you my opinion and its possible uses.

Performance of a tool
Not be necessary because a complete analysis can logically define what levers to push to improve site performance, but I must admit that Page Speed ​​or YSlow Insight makes life easier

You now have at hand everything you need to get started in a good SEO audit, it misses you more than the methodology. Once is not custom, I'll meet you tomorrow for the rest of the file. Small teaser: we will start with technical analysis, but I bet you already guessed. 

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Main Functions Of Internet Search Engine How To Increase Page Rank By Using Optimization Tools And Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Internet is the method by which a website can get the highest ranking in the search engine results pages. The word 'Search Engine Optimization' is short for SEO. It can mean many things, but in general, is a process of getting high traffic to a website through the use of tools for search engine optimization. Although a theory itself is large enough to do the job properly, you need to consider factors such as keywords, links and more.

Internet search engine optimization is a device we use in the Internet browser. Pointing in the exact direction to the information we are seeking. It's basically updating their web pages or website so that search engines will be competent in locating your website faster. This is great for websites and ordered you to greatly in the results list that appears.

In the process of increasing the page rank of your website, there is this software called optimization tools search engine. Basically, this software has the ability to regulate Web sites. Regulates a Web site so that search engines can get up their websites and hit the top spots on the charts.

Today, there are so many tools of search engine optimization that are already available online. In fact, search engine optimization Internet has become one of the most searched terms on the Internet. Bots even today have come to terms that more and more people with internet marketing campaigns is trying to know everything they can about how to work (search engines). Most people are looking for the most effective method to increase your rankings through these search engines. As for the results of this ranking improved - of course, is as inconceivable wealth.

In order to increase the page rank of your website, consider these two types of tools search engine optimization. The first tool is called white hat. Follow all rules and regulations positioning optimization. The white hat tool will not run through any means difficult to unearth the attention of search engines. In other words, the tool search engine optimization good.

The counterpart of the search is the white hat black hat. The black hat search fulfills every aspect to develop the rankings of the website, even if it means breaking the rules and regulations set obviously. This tool is almost like a short cut to about ratings. However, black hat tool is usually a short-lived one.

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The Importance Of SEO In 2013

As its name suggests, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to optimize its better referenced by search engines keywords defined website to. Optimization must be made at both the technical elements (Title tag, Alt tag ...) at the level of popularity and site content. However, the very secrets engine algorithms do not know precisely what will gain or lose seats in the SERP (results pages). And this is where lies the crux of the matter as only the expertise, experience and knowledge in this area will use effective techniques.

Preferred AdWords, SEO relegated?

Those who try can confirm: establishing Search Engine Optimization becomes more and more complex. In addition, natural links are less visible in the pages of results in favor of paid search (AdWords) that earns gradually ground.

These recent developments show us:
Algorithms Panda and Penguin appeared in 2012 which penalized a mass of sites in order to fight against the blackhat techniques and over-optimization. Many sites have seen their ranking plummeted sometimes without understanding why. In this case, those who allow them to get used to a great position.

The appearance of the Knowledge Graph allowing users to get the answers directly to their request has slipped natural website traffic.

The integration of results from Google Shopping on the first page of SERP which leaves less room for natural links.

The new display Google image does not display the original default page background
Concealment of keywords typed by the holders of a Google Account with the phrase "not provided" but available to AdWords advertisers.

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Pay Per Click Advertising - One Way Laser To Targeted Customers To Your Site

If you are a business owner with an online presence, one of your problems will be to get targeted traffic to your website to promote your product. You might consider pay per click (PPC) advertising as a highly effective way to generate traffic and targeted prospects to your service. Pay-Per-Click advertising is an effective and measurable reach new potential customers who are interested in your products and services through. It allows you to take control of your advertising expenses, as with advertising pay per click, you can target your ads to new interested in your products and customer service.

PPC: What is it and how does it work?

Pay-per-click advertising is a type of marketing on search engines where you pay a small fee (it may be as small as a few cents!) Every time someone clicks on your ad and visits your website. For example, when you perform a Google search, look on the right side of the results page. These are all PPC ads, all of which are represented on the first or second page of results in search engines. Because you choose to search by specific key where your ad is displayed word, PPC advertising is truly one of the most profitable ways to advertise online. You have full control over how and where your ads appear. Unlike other methods of online advertising, PPC advertising provides instant and affordable results.

PPC advertisers

As a PPC advertiser, you can easily build, customize and manage your search campaigns and monitor their performance. Generally, PPC advertisers measure their performance based on a combination of parameters, such as conversion rate, return on ad spend (PDSP), cost per acquisition (CPA), Cost-per-lead (CPL) or Click-Through Rate (CTR). All measurements are essential if you want to know about your overall return on investment (ROI).

As an advertiser PPC you can set the amount you pay if someone clicks on your website from an ad you've placed in the results of search engine. Google distributes a quality score, which is determined by a number of factors, including how much you agree to pay per click, and the average click-through rate of your ad, and the relevance of the landing visitors sent to the page. These factors determine the height of your ad appears in the list of sponsored links engine. However, the escalation of sentences inefficient search quickly leads to a failed campaign CCP. You can lose a lot of money with a non-targeted campaign.

The good news is that advertisers can reduce their average cost per click without lowering offers improving click-through rates, which makes the pages of good destination, and writing good ads. Remember, the return on investment is the key to the success of any PPC advertising campaign

One of the essential ingredients for a pay per click campaign is the keywords. So that you can which ads to show in the results of search engines, you must specify the keywords that you think your customers type into the search field. A word of warning, the keywords that are not helping consumers find their product will decrease your ROI and conversion rates.

Select keywords specific to bid for your site and your business is essential to the process of PPC advertising. If you choose unwisely, PPC advertising can be prohibitive, depending on the competitiveness of keyword phrases and aggressive competition. As for the optimization of conventional search engine, keyword research is essential to the success of pay per click advertising.

Ultimately, pay per click advertising is a great way to promote a website. It is quite quantifiable and highly targeted, which allows you to display your ad in response to an Internet search for your products or services. More ... there is much to learn before you venture into your first campaign. If you do not do your homework, chances are you will lose money. So make sure you read, and you'll be able to reap the rewards.

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Does It Cost Links To Increase Its Popularity?

I recently received information concerning the implementation by Link lift site of a "market place" hyperlinks on the Web. You can buy it there or sell links, estimate the price of a link that you want to sell, etc.. The site states that "buy one or more links allows any advertiser to target traffic from its site, to increase the thematic relevance, increase link popularity, and ultimately achieve a better position in the results pages of search engines. “ Many similar services also exist in the United States where platforms like Review Me or Text Link Ads offer to buyers and sellers of links with essentially the same functionality as Link lift ...

Amazing initiative at a time when Google clearly condemns such practices through Matt Cutts, his spokesman "Search Engine Optimisation", whether or not hidden links. The search engine offers even in its Webmaster Tools link entitled "Report Paid Links" that can speak with the search engine such practices as a "report spam" and clearly stated its position on this page: "Some website owners attempt to" buy Page Rank "in the form of paid links to Buying Their site links to Improve Page Rank Violates our quality guidelines." ...

This type of service "paid linking" seeks, moreover, to calculate the value of a link in proportion to the PageRank of the pages, which I think is a mistake because this value displayed in the bar tools Google is only indicative and updated 3 to 5 times a year by Google. The "real" PageRank, that used for the algorithm of Google, is not known. So does paying a link on the basis of false data clearly shocked me a bit, though ... And I do not think too the theory that Google and find a good way to sell more sponsored links ... There is so much to do in terms of SEO to optimize your site in a fair and honest to highlight quality content ... And what would be the interest of Google to oust its results pages websites responding with relevance to the query requested?

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Conditions And Time Of Directory Listings Of SEO.

To always be in perfect harmony with the policy of our partners who manage quality directories with which we are sure to get good results, it is sometimes necessary to restrict the types of sites that may appear. Also, as some directories do not accept all the same categories of sites, it is essential to keep in mind that the manual referencing allows great flexibility that will determine the best reagents directories depending on your activity. This is why two sites that compete in different fields of activities will not be present in the same directory.

We also draw your attention to the fact that the texts that have been before you are given solely for archival purposes and to certify our work. It should in any case or reuse text or attempt to generate copies using a software spin. The reason is simple, by duplicating a description already present and visible in a directory, you demean necessarily duplicate pages, considered secondary, disappear from the search engine index. This practice styles Duplicate Content (or duplicate content) and it proves detrimental to both your site will lose much of its credibility previously acquired but also the directory that has agreed to publish content that appears on this for now other sites. For years, Search Engine Optimization Manual work for the originality of the content and therefore disclaims any liability for consequential caused by duplication of content written during registration campaigns directories SEO.

We put the utmost care in the quality of the writing as well as in manual submission to directories with which we have a special relationship for many. Also, as we prefer the human and relational aspect which provides a real SEO Services, we have access to opportunities reserved exclusively for professional SEO (ultra rapid validation, additional back links, widespread distribution ...). This is not the case with all the directories in which we submit sites, but whenever possible, we include the bonus automatically without any extra charge.

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Impact Of Social Media On SEO

Search engines, especially Google, are actually the primary source of traffic for many sites. It is logical and reasonable to give them crucial devoting the resources and time needed to optimize its positioning. However, although the potential for traffic generation remained intact, they do not allow such a prominent target audience a few years ago, partly because the habits of Internet have evolved. They now have many other tools to access a site, which is as much media to work for their owners.

EO / Social Media, a winning combination

Besides Search Engine Optimization which requires significant efforts to be effective, any person responsible for driving traffic to a site is now also very interested in social networks such as Facebook and Twitter that the number of members increases each days at breakneck speed. Networks that have more that their own internal search engine, the relevance of the results could eventually come severely upset the hegemony of Google. But that, I assure you, this is just a guess that would undoubtedly take several years to materialize. If indeed it eventually materialize ... Anyway, SEO and therefore must remain the first line of work of the traffic manager, followed by networking and social media more generally, the complexity of the task its responsibility residing in the art of handling it with complementarily should.

Thus, in 2013 more than ever, these two major components of web marketing go at that. In the working staggered strategic and meaningful way, they will inevitably any player on the Internet to meet its objectives in terms of visibility of reputation. A sine qua non of success already asleep and observable through the benefits that SEO takes social networking, either on the map or back link indexing back links, according to what we explained in a previous article the other benefits of social networking. In this game of mutual contribution, Google Plus should emerge as the big winner.

Quid in effect limits the activities of the one and the other? More often it is a manager and asked traffic chapter all that such a project. But, depending on the case, the referrer may have to adopt a vision beyond traditional SEO relying as much as possible, on the advice of a community manager, in order to respect fundamental management community that only he is able to control. Although the actions taken at that level the SEO does not aim to encourage interaction, do not forget that they belong to a public framework that leaves no room for error...
The three basic principles of writing Pay Per Click ads are successful targeted keyword lists, focused advertising campaigns and advertisements and salesmanship of high quality.

Efficient And Profitable Pay Per Click Management Tips To Write ADs That Attract More Clicks

Pay Per Click management of your advertising campaigns is a simple step by step. This article will discuss pay per click marketing powerful techniques to create PPC ads that get the most clicks. The more clicks your ad gets the higher your score will be quality and, in fact, you end up paying less per click. When you break AdWords stages of internet marketing small find it much easier to understand the whole process and are more likely to start.

Writing effective PPC clicks is only part of the process. At the heart of all campaigns Google AdWords is a targeted keyword list.

As I mentioned in other articles, it is absolutely essential that you break your keyword list in main topic lists smaller sub.

The biggest problem with pay per click management of advertisers is to create advertising campaigns that are not focused on what they are trying to promote and sell.

Start with a list of basic keywords when you start an advertising campaign and then over time gradually spread to more keyword lists by topic. When starting with Adwords you can have one campaign with five keywords if you want and develop in groups of more ads and keywords when it was beneficial for you to do.

Basics Ad Writing For Pay Per Click Management

You should always keep in the forefront of your mind as your PPC ads are constantly under an insane amount of pressure to perform - or they will cost and possible loss will earn you a lot of money. To reduce your costs, you must write a text of effective ad. If you are not comfortable doing this start you can always rent a Copyrighter the warrior or Digital Point Forums for a small fee.

Your PPC ads MUST convince the viewer that the landing page that points ads will hold the answer to what they want.
Your page ad destination MUST be exactly what the ad tells the viewer it will do.

Management And Pay Per Click Ad Writing Tips

1. Have a clear idea of ​​what you sell and how to explain that in your ad.

2. Know exactly what you are cramped and sell your market.

3. Use highly targeted keywords to create a very targeted ad. Here your focus should be sub-themes such as convert them into customers better than your landing pages can be much more accurate.

4. Remember that this is convincing sales letter writing, in a few words. You have four lines to get your attention of potential buyers and convince them to take immediate action by clicking on your ad. Your headline should attract their attention, the first line should contain the most powerful advantage, the second line should provide a reason why they have to take this action.

What's So Great About SEO?

Many people who start their business online are often disappointed by how they manage to do very little. At some point, they will be watching the meter on their site and realize that traffic show is a bare trickle. If you already know that getting people to your site is a problem you need to fix, then you are already one step ahead of the competition. When you start to look around what can be done in your situation, you will find the Search Engine Optimisation, often abbreviated as SEO, is a tool that you should really take a look at.

When your website is search engine optimized, it means it is easier for search engines like Yahoo and Google to find it. Take a moment and pretend that you are someone who is looking for the service your company offers but does not know the name of your company. When you search for the service or related keywords, where does your company website appear? Chances are, if you do not put some work on it, you will see that your ad does not happen very soon at all. Sites that appear immediately are the sites that have made use of search techniques to optimize mote 58 heart, and they can be essential for the survival of your business.

When you take into account the fact that a huge amount of online purchases are preceded by using a search engine, you will see exactly why having your name at the top of relevant research is so important. Most people who do the research will not look beyond the first few entries, let alone make it to the bottom of the page, so you can see if your ad is buried under four or five pages of links you will not get the traffic you need.

There are several things that make good SEO. The first thing to think about is keyword density. Do you have keywords that relate to your business or service on your website itself? You will see that not only the search engines look for keywords, they are sophisticated enough to find the relevance as well. Whether you have a lot of text on your projects or you informative articles and industry-specific glossaries, you can attract more people to your site in this mode.

Also remember that your popularity is important for search engines to consider. The more sites that link to you without you linking back, the better your campaign is Link Building and more attention you get. This is one of the ways they think that gets the highest ranking in a search is returned.

If you are confused by these concepts or are simply unable to find a good way to incorporate them into your site, take the time to see what a SEO service can do for you. You will find that there are many different services out there that can help you push your website higher in search engine rankings, so make sure you investigate this resource today!

Building Quality Links For SEO

Link Building is a major search engine promotion activity because links help drive traffic and improve search engines. For search engines, links are considered, to some extent, as a vote of approval from the sites. When A "links to website B", the search engines give credit to Site B '. While several other websites are also linked to the website of B ', the search engines are starting to see the B site' as an authority and therefore, a good site to display for a given topic. This is a simplified explanation, following a few basic guidelines and techniques of link building will improve in your search engine rankings and traffic. To start, let's define what separates a good "reference to a bad" link.

Good links: Come from websites deemed reputable websites include websites that have many links themselves and is therefore considered authorities.

Government websites:Is very good places to get links if you can. Since government websites generally have strict policies connections, Web sites that get links are often highly rewarded.

Educational institutions are also quite difficult to get that makes them valuable as well. From web site concerned with similar themes to your own will enhance the theme of your site in the eyes of search engines. Contain keywords in the anchor text between the anchor text of inbound links should include good keywords relevant to the page they establish. For example, a page optimized for human resources software benefit in terms of links that include the keyword phrase or similar expressions. Search engines descriptive links that help define the theme of a page or a web site value.

 Link building is a tedious process. Every website and industry are unique. Tactics that work on some websites do not work on others, and there is not much you can do about it. The best thing to do is to try to capitalize on all the techniques that work when you find them. Keep in mind along the way, just like in business, it is not always what you know, it's who you know. Relationships you form online and offline can often lead to score a great link from a website that otherwise would not consider you.

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Problems Newbie’s Internet Marketing

Earning money has been a major objective of generations since time immemorial. Modern times have innovative ways to earn a living.

Online business is a trend in the sense that it is fast catching and fascinating people from all strata of society. Across international borders, people are realizing the potential of the Internet as a silver mine. But as with anything else, you need to get your basics right and acquire the tools necessary to succeed in online business. And here, you need a source of education to help you reduce your search time and maximize your gains.

When you start your online venture, you will find many obstacles and difficulties that may make you feel frustrated and depressed.

The problems of Internet Marketing newbie’s "are more a beginner is a kind of student and teacher to learn from the right. As a novice, you need to know who to trust and it is really difficult to know that due to the high amount of fraud and shit there.

If you trust someone who misinform you and give you unnecessary information, then you are wasting your time and money. Then, when you realize that you are in the wrong path, we must unlearn all the things you have learned previously and start from scratch.

Another problem is that many novice users are overwhelmed, they have much and want more, because they like to download. So they do not know what to do with all this stuff, they do not know how to use it and become confused and frustrated and begin to think that it is not for them, it is better that they give up.

Many people have trouble trying to make money online, but most of them do not know what is generating traffic, adsense, Pay Per Click, squeeze page, opt-in list, affiliate programs how to create a product to sell, how to promote. They do not know what is the meaning of Internet marketing. They read books, listen to audio and watch videos, but often they do not know what are the things that the author is talking about.

Why You Should Immediately Put You In Internet Marketing ?

A distinct advantage of the Internet is its ease of use and speed. Especially now that languages ​​have evolved, and that Internet Marketing techniques have improved. If you have a computer and Internet access, you can do business wherever and whenever you want. Now that many people have laptops, this is even more true. I'm not even talking about SmartPhones ...

By the seller, advertising costs are greatly reduced by the number of methods that are available. Take for example the e-mails. You can send promotional cards to thousands of people and have perhaps the success a week or two later. Instead, if you send emails to these people, you may achieve better sales in less than a few hours, and low cost. Internet Marketing is the same as Direct Marketing, but cheaper, faster, and more efficient!

Suppose that your business runs smoothly online marketing and you have just learned that one of your products will be abandoned. Want to run a promotion to sell your stock, but it will take a few days to send the news to your customers. The competitor in the corner that sells this product also received the same news. But he works online. It can send a mass e-mail and have clients in his shop that night. Eventually you find yourself stuck with obsolete product while he was able to spend the new model more efficient. Speed ​​and efficiency.

A final advantage of the Internet is that you can literally sell to the world. When starting a business you will have people who can physically get to your store as customers. Their number is obviously limited. Internet can reach every corner of the world. If you open your online store, your customer base is everyone having access to the Internet, or millions more. Every day more people join the online community. Being new on the Internet, they are also potential new prospects. Nothing can compete with such an advantage.

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Is Pay Per Click Engine Your Friend Or Foe?

A pay per click engine is an excellent source of traffic for your website. There are many advantages to using a Pay Per Click Search for advertising your website. However, there are also some caveats to consider to ensure that your pay per click engine advertising does not bust your budget and break your business. With thoughtful planning, logic and keywords excellent campaign management, a pay per click advertising engines campaign can help you create a successful Internet-based network business.

The planning process for pay per click advertising engine starts by getting to know your target audience. Considering their state of mind you brainstorm to identify keywords and keywords terms they could use in the search engines when searching for products, services or information that can be found on your website. Using the list of keywords that came to you, you can start conducting keyword research to determine the popularity of keywords for recommendations for alternate keywords, and see what offers for research using pay per click keyword suggestion engine and tools tender.

Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing (formerly Overture) both tools you can use for keyword research for the pay per click engines they serve. Wordtracker is also a excellent tool for keyword research that allows you to search more a pay per click engine at a time.

Auctions keywords to Pay Per Click Advertising Engine

Once you have completed your keyword research, you will have a good idea about the keywords that you should bid for your Site announced in the search engine or search engines. However, before you ever place a bid for a keyword, you must determine the value per click is your business.

This involves an analysis of data. The crux of the problem you do not want to bid more for a keyword that your value click. If you do, you lose money because your pay per click engine advertising is too expensive to be useful.

You need two figures to determine the value of each visitor to your site - 1) Your net profit per sale and 2) Your conversion rate. If you simply start your website, you will not historical figures to calculate this, so you have to estimate and then closely monitor your pay per click campaign engine and make the necessary adjustments.

To determine your profit per sale, you use your cash revenues, subtract your total expenses and divide the difference by total number of sales you. To determine your conversion rate you use the total number of unique visitors and the gap by the total number of sales.

By dividing the net profit per sale by your conversion rate you come up with a number that is the value of each visitor your website - ie the value of each click. This is the amount you do not want to exceed bid on keywords for your pay per click advertising engine.

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