Monday, April 29, 2013

5 SEO Resolutions To Follow In 2013

If the recent past is any indication of the future, we are entitled to expect an exciting year full of challenge, which will define the industry forever.

In fact, Google has tapped the fingers of SEO specialists strongly in 2012, with many updates to punish practices that have always functioned considered doubtful, hoping thereby to create a wind of discouragement in the industry.

Let's be realistic: Search Engine Optimisation in 2013 will probably be harder than ever, and the task is daunting. The good news is that being flexible and adjusting your strategies, you will be able to reap success this year not only in SEO but in web marketing.

The glass is it half full or half empty? For you to respond. For my part, here are 5 resolutions that I intend to take to improve my chances of success this year, and I share with you in order to inspire you.

As mentioned in the introduction, SEO has become a more complex task following updates Penguin and Panda. To these we add the net favoritism of Google algorithm to established brands and fewer organic results in Google, and suddenly every visitor natural hard-won becomes important.

That's why it will be important in 2013 to focus our energy converting traffic we receive on our sites already. While we are making more efforts to keep our effective SEO strategies and day, it is essential to ensure that traffic will be recovered to the fullest and contribute to your goals.

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