Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Advantages & Disadvantages Of SEO

Advantages of SEO:

- Nature is more interesting in terms of cost because we do not pay keywords or marketing    campaigns, in engines, to be well positioned.

- An SEO will always offer a cost per click more interesting than the paid listings.

- Generates a visit to the long tail that can not be performing the paid search.

- The cost of Search Engine Optimization is fixed, depending on the number of hours allocated unrelated and completely independent of the rate of return clicks.

- The SEO lowers the cost per click based on the cost of the initial implementation and low cost adjustments, as part of a strategy by the paid listing.

- Sites that received SEO optimization have a higher conversion rate, in fact, the natural results available to users, by definition give a result corresponding exactly to the keyword, as opposed to paying results.

- A equivalent results, SEO is cheaper than the SEM, and especially SEO is perein over time,    for your digital identity.

Disadvantages of (SEO):

- More than 15 billion pages indexed by Google, Yahoo, Bing, on the web, which can lose visitors on wildcard searches.

- Need expertise of a specialist in SEO, constant monitoring.

- No guarantee of positioning through the use of SEO as a simple change in the algorithm of search engines can change the position.

-  In the competitive sector, it is difficult to position on certain keywords if they were acquired huge amounts of money!

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