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Content: Cornerstone Of A Good SEO

The first thing to treat and certainly the most important for a site to make the hearing, the quality of the content. Users who have been captivated by the information you give them will not hesitate to talk about your site. On the other hand, search engines take into account the time spent by visitors on your site. Thus, by providing interesting content is generated both prescription and better indexing.

Search Engine Optimisation, it is useful to integrate the content of keywords that can be sought by Internet users in the target site. The presence of keywords representative of the activity of the site is essential to the proper indexing by search engines. However, it is against productive to enter a series of keywords without heads or tails. Indeed, the indexing robots now locate these lists of words that were intended for them. On the other hand, it affects significantly the quality of drafting and invariably flees users seeking quality information.

By content, we also hear ergonomics and visual quality. Users to retain and increase the number of page views, a site must be user friendly and easy to use. Regarding indexing, it is essential to give a descriptive title for each page as well as develop a coherent tree.

Linking Policy

Directories: There are many specialized on a theme or general directories. To be referenced in the directories you can choose two strategies:
Qualitative strategy is carefully selects the relevant directories in relation to the theme of the site reference and their Page Rank (Page Rank is the confidence index assigned to a site by Google). This increases its own page rank and attracts an audience to his site really interested in its content. However, it does offer a limited number of back links and visits.

Quantitative strategy is sought to be referenced by the largest number of directories possible. This can be very long to do manually, but robots exist although their effectiveness is limited. A large number of back links and visits but of poor quality and can lower your Page Rank will be obtained. The links are very important factors in the positioning of a website there are different technique for obtaining links.

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