Saturday, April 13, 2013

Develop Business Through The Use Of Social Media ...

The "Social Media Optimization" (SMO) is a systematic and strategic approach to social media to attract and retain users websites. In addition to the SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO has become one of the main tools in mounting campaigns e-communication and e-promotion.

The SMO is also linked to the SEM (Search Engine Marketing), but differs in several ways, including an emphasis on capturing and driving traffic from sources other than search engines. The SMO also relies on methods of viral marketing and buzz marketing (word of mouth) allowing the use of various online community services dedicated to sharing and syndication of personal and business data: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, LinkedIn, Orkut, Yahoo, MSN Live Spaces and other ...

Two complementary methodological approaches:

1. The internal content: it is to work on high value-added media to your site, having a strong affinity with the needs and socio-cultural characteristics of the target. Son feeds, podcasts and audio streams, streaming video files, slideshows and e-galleries, dynamic graphic objects and interactive objects, survey tools and user reviews, community features ...

2. Through the integration of objects and information in social media: The media and integrated on your site information is not sufficient because they are searched, a fortiori, that by your visitors. To optimize an SMO campaign, it is important to choose the most appropriate media and editorial content and insert them directly into folders, directories or community sites in a profile or cluster. This creates spaces informative teasing, which act as external attraction poles aiming to increase your popularity and redirect qualified traffic to your site.

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