Friday, April 5, 2013

During Search Engine Optimization / SEO

Optimization for search engines, also known as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) aims to improve positioning in search engine results. It aims to position itself on matching keywords to search queries from users.

This video lectures with a total of 2 hours covers topics such as: the fundamentals of Web site traffic and web analytics, the history of SEO, optimization (Page, Site, off-site) , find and optimize keywords .... This course does not make you an expert in SEO, but will give you the necessary culture to work with a professional SEO or maximize the visibility of a personal website.

   1. Introduction and syllabus SEO version animated slides in pdf and ppt
   2. Origin of SEO, Google and its competitors ...
   3. Attendance at a site: the fundamental
   4. In the skin of a search engine: PageRank
   5. Web Analytics and trade ties
   6. Search engine optimization,
   7. Find and optimize keywords
   8. SEO methodology and future of SEO in pdf and ppt

Student handbook SEO / SEO project: it is a SEO contest in Problem-based learning (PBL).
The original site of my SEO course / SEOmes videos and course project management
Some keywords associated (see categories on Wikipedia Search engine optimization and SEO)
Search engine marketing • Social media optimization • Paid inclusion Pay per click • • • AdWords Conversion funnel / funnel • Conversion optimization
Ranking algorithm

TrustRank SERP Rank • • Web harvesting
Optimization for search engines

White / Black hat search engine optimization:
Doorway page cloaking, page hijacking, Landing page optimization, Keyword stuffing, link farm, spam search engine Spamdexing • • Web scraping • Scraper Site • Link farm • Google bombing

Off-page optimization • Link exchange • Backlink • • Rel = nofollow noindex Meta Elements • • Meta Tags • Sitemap • Landing page optimization

Identification and placement of keywords
Keyword density / optimization / research / tracking • Long tail

Geo targeting • Stop words (stopwords) • Poison words • Online identity management • Online reputation management • Win-loss analytics • Web analytic
Subpages (8): 1 / Introduction Course SEO 2/3 History of SEO / Web traffic 4 / PageRank 5 / Web Analytics 6/7 Engine Optimization / SEO and keywords 8 / SEO Methodology


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