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Exchange Links And SEO: Best Practices

Exchanging links between websites is part of your Search Engine Optimisation strategy, it allows you to increase your link popularity. As with all criteria of relevance of a site to its position, it is not central but can be crucial to make a focus on some key phrases or to launch a new website.

Ideally links exchange for SEO:

The link must have exchanged a useful location ie it has a real role for the visitor, it is clickable. The site with which you exchange must have a PR at least equal to your (this is a rule of webmaster). Thus, as a general rule the complementary sites are preferred: offering a service or additional content. In this ideal case, is the web partnership and the exchange of classical link (audit partner can not therefore limit its usefulness for SEO).

Classic case of link exchange for SEO:

Technically you can accept any site AND competitors websites. BUT the destination site must be of good quality editorial, no spam ... a PR at least equal to your (still this rule). You can pretty much refused a site saying "your site is good, but I can not afford a linker site with a PR lower than mine, to not broadcast my PR (page rank), come back to me when your PR has evolved and where it will be with pleasure "is the typical response of webmasters.Les competitors are often set aside (easy to understand), even if in the end it would boost the ranking of everyone (all worthy competitors name, the "network of good pros" somehow) up and that makes the greatest effort (exchange of links is a brick SEO) would be the top one. FYI, this technique of link exchange between competitors is often used in the field of hospitality.

Exchange links to avoid:

If the webmaster is unscrupulous destination (for example, it removes your link back to the end of a month (it happens), you must make a monthly overview of the sites you link to lock reciprocity), site irrelevant content (content taken from other sites (may be similar to spam), heavy content to load ...), paid link exchange (outlawed in most guidelines of search engines ) ...
When to exchange links?
Sorry for the lazy but it is a recurring task.
Exchanging links is done throughout the year:
- Priming step is important and we will determine the types of target sites and launch a wave of applications,
- Retries: every 2 weeks or months depending on the reactivity of webmasters
- Find new links. Occurs at the same time as reminders, the aim being to increase its popularity index regularly and not piecemeal.

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