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Google Commands and Footprints: Basics To Know

Many tools to help you in Search Engine Optimization, some are paid, some are free. Some are useful, others are not. And quite often, there are simple techniques that can simplify your life. Thus, I am particularly fond, Google and footprints that are imprints used by each Web site and applications, which associated the controls commands will allow searching for specific information.

Google basic commands
Before embarking body and soul in the footprints, here are some basic commands and operators to know the fingertips.

(All) Intitle: keyword will give you all the pages that contain the keyword in the title tag.
(All) Inurl: keyword will give you all the pages containing the keyword in the URL.
(All) In anchor: keyword lists only the pages that contain the keyword in their anchor links.

Cache  : url gives you the latest cached version of a page
File type: extension will allow you to filter a search by file types

The (all) means that you can use either the command with which lists all the results with all the keywords entered in your query. Without all it will list results that contain one or more keywords entered. Example, in title: blue buy will list sites that have either "buy" or "blue" in the title, sometimes two terms as all in title: blue purchase list the sites that have only two terms.

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Hi manjula,
These are the basic steps to make the search easy on the search engine, by putting these commands with title will bring you all the best results related to it. If you want the geospecific Urls in your result then you can use inurl:".ca" for Canada etc. If you need the words in the text then you can use intext also.

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Google basic commands: One of the command is before embarking body and soul in the footprints, here are some basic commands and operators to know the fingertips.All) Intitle: keyword will give you all the pages that contain the keyword in the title tag. Always make title with keyword. Make seo friendly website.

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