Monday, April 15, 2013

Google Launches Penguin Against The "Web Spam"

After Panda, here is the Penguin. Google definitely has the animal fiber when it comes to baptize updates its algorithms for ranking websites. The objective is always the same: the fight against web spam. This is all unauthorized allowing sites to appear in a good position in search engine results techniques.

The shortcomings of Panda
Each of the updates released by Google is preferred referencing quality sites. Panda was so particular objective of fighting against duplication of content for. Resulting in significantly degrade the hearing of price comparison and other aggregators directly referred by Google. But these falls hearing eventually stir up controversy. Many have questioned the concept of quality made in Google, by implying that the market leader had in fact intended to favor its own services (such as Google Shopping). Others went further by questioning the objectivity of the criteria used in the algorithm, even suspecting some manual intervention to select and bring down some sites charge that Google was quick to challenge.

Penguin against "web spam"
Google has released the latest update to its algorithm last Tuesday. An event for all referrers, then obliged to ensure that their site was not affected by it and, if necessary, react quickly. Penguin is to fight against the practice known as "web spam", which involves manipulating the order of the results of search engines to show the highest possible through deceptive practices, such as automatic creation of content or use of hidden content to increase occurrences. Some basic rules must be followed to avoid any incident. The spécialisé website advises to be careful when choosing a Search Engine Optimisation. For a clever choice of keywords, good quality links and content will certainly maximize its SEO, without necessarily employ means considered illegal by Google.

The guide of good SEO, according to Google
On his guide, Google are two types of SEOs. To simplify, there are the "good guys" in impeccable behavior, called SEOs "white hat". And then the "ugly", which does not hesitate to use malicious practices to raise the maximum visibility: SEOs are "black hat". While the distinction may seem rather simplistic and is challenged, it allows the search engine to communicate practices to follow, making a distinction between what comes out of the normal optimization of wrongful conduct. Thus, the use of hidden links to mirror sites, the keyword stuffing and duplication of identical content, go against the "law of Google."

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