Friday, April 5, 2013

Optimization For Search Engine

This service optimizes the positioning of your websites in foreign languages ​​in local search engines.

Translating your website is only the first step to establish the online presence of your business abroad. Merely translating your site or just specific pages does not guarantee it will appear on the first pages of search engine results and attract the right customers to your site. Hence the importance of multilingual Optimization For Search Engines, which guarantees maximum exposure of your translations in the target countries.

As online marketing, it is essential to understand the words or phrases that your target customers use when they search and they perform these searches to maximize the content of your site. The first step of the optimization process for the search engines is therefore to carry out a study of the market in the country in question to determine the keywords and search terms by your potential foreign customers in your industry. It should also be noted that it will not be necessarily a translation of your keywords or phrases original, but totally new terms that might not even have an equivalent in your own language! Key words and phrases localized therefore vary depending on the country concerned. Through this process, your website will appear in the results of research carried out by people in your target country, which may be different from research in your own country.

Once the keyword list is established, the next step is to optimize your website to include these keywords / phrases to improve your position in the ranking of search engines. We will then advise you on which search engines to focus your efforts. While Google and Yahoo are driving the most popular search in Western Europe and the United States, they are not in other countries, such as Russia and China. In determining the most appropriate engines and search keywords / phrases appropriate, you will get the best return on investment. Our translation services will be required to create catchy commercials CPC foreign language in order to optimize your online advertising and ensure higher CTR when your company is one of the search results.

Several other factors must be considered, such as the different social media in different countries, creating links to specific countries and favorite search engines in different countries depending on where the site is hosted. You can count on us to advise and assist you throughout this process.


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I agree with your word,but translated sites very difficult for seo.

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