Sunday, April 7, 2013

Optimization For Search Engines. - Hyper Submit

Position as the leading search results optimization service websites for Search Engines
significantly improve your positioning and generates clicks without charge.
Formula Extreme Traffic includes all proposed in the Traffic Formula Super features and more:

Site analysis:

We will analyze your site as would a search engine, emulating its approach and mechanisms. Every element of your page will be carefully evaluated in order to provide you a detailed list of changes to your site. We did not simply read the guidelines published by the search engines. Our system is based on the analysis of thousands of sites strongly positioned in the results pages of search engines. In these analyzes will add the algorithms of search engines and back-analyzes, which allow us to develop an efficient system optimization regularly updated by continuous research.
Competitive Analysis

Ask the search engines and take a look at sites that are better positioned than yours. Our formula will allow you to make a comparative analysis between your site and that of a competitor. This will highlight the elements that will allow your competitor to be better placed than you and the benefits you can get from him.
Statistical Analysis

We will provide accurate reports on the effectiveness of each element of your website according to their characteristics, their functions, the use of keywords and all these variables combined. These reports will then be compared to the statistics we have collected over the years thousands of highly positioned sites, as well as statistics about your strongest competitor. These reports eventually form the basis for the preparation of guidelines that will tell you the best way to optimize your site.
# Amount of time the keyword found
# The number of variations of the keyword found
Total # of words
# Relevance of keyword
# Importance of keywords
# Number of immediate repetitions of keyword
Instructions optimization

We will provide specific instructions of how to optimize your site, not letting any element that could affect its position:
# Color, text and background
# Meta refresh tag
# Frames
# Hidden Tags
# Use tags kind of Java / VB script
# Number of links on the page
# Number of links containing the keyword
# Number of times the keyword was found in the names of hyperlinks
# Page Title
# Tag "Keywords"
# Tag Description
# Header Page
# Links URL
# The link text of the URL
# Image ALT Tags Tag
# Comments
# Corps page
# Links
# Text links
# Content

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