Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Optimization on Search Engines: The SEO (or organic)

Most of the traffic on the Web is based on results of research on Google, Yahoo and Bing!
Google 78.5% | 9.7% Yahoo | Bing 7.8%

If your website can not be found by search engines and therefore it can not be properly indexed to their databases, then you necessarily miss opportunities for your business.

3wplanet specializes in SEO (or organic). The Search Engine Optimization is the best solution for your vision. Although built SEO is the only real tool that provides optimum visibility throughout the year, not surprisingly budget and especially in the long term!

A good SEO is based on three criteria:
Proper site architecture
Ergonomics / graphics appropriate
A professional optimized code (html and appropriate tags)

This is how your potential customers can contact you and generate revenue.

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