Friday, April 5, 2013

Optimization Services Search Engine

The Search Engine Optimization or SEO, is to place your website in a good position in search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN) for search terms that describe your business.

Our consulting team works with your product and marketing teams to develop and deploy content for a search on your web site that meets the criteria of search engines. This is the preparation of the website a technical point of view and identification of relevant search phrases to target specific audiences.

Importance of Search Engine Optimization

    * Very Qualified Prospects
      Prospects find you when looking for what you have to offer.
    * Very Affordable
      A first position in the major search sites generates more revenue than advertising on a major television network in most areas. Advertisements in the media best cost millions of dollars. A first position on Google can be obtained for a few thousand or a few hundred dollars.

Our Added Value

    * Focus on results
      We focus on results, not only on a first ranking position. We focus on the terms that your customers want, not on irrelevant terms that only generate a good ranking. We target the best possible position for the words that will bring traffic to your site.
    * Provide data to make good decisions
      We provide detailed reports on progress, including:
          o rankings for each of keywords for which we optimize your website
          o the number of new connections made for you
          o the number of visitors to your website
          o sections of the site are most
          o the most profitable markets
          o other relevant indicators
    * Experts in Search Engine Optimization
      Our team does not need to demonstrate its ability to improve rankings in Google and Yahoo: she will dedicate every day to large corporations. A team of dedicated SEO is a considerable advantage. These specialists can analyze your business, your website and the websites of your competitors and so you create a competitive advantage.

Our Process Optimization for Search Engines

    * We work with your marketing professionals to understand what terms your customers and prospects to your business associate and potentially discover that your other team would have forgotten.
    * We conduct searches by keyword and get the terms of the most relevant research.


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