Friday, April 5, 2013

Optimize Its Site For International Search Engines

The global economic environment has alarmed many entrepreneurs and convinced them to cut short any expense, to stop their development projects. However, marketing efforts to provide new markets and economic initiatives of companies should not stop either. Instead it is because attracting attracting new customers has become a task more difficult, expansion into new markets is now recognized as an imperative for any business.

But how to promote your products / services in a new market, out of your country, where you are unknown and where to get a place? At first glance, it may seem like a costly venture that may not provide the expected return on investment. So try to use the internet and online marketing strategies to reach new customers. If you choose this option, you will have the advantage of up to 24 hours on 24, 7 days on 7, millions of people who are all potential customers. Also you do not dilapiderez budget now in campaigns whose effectiveness is not guaranteed in the end.

Online marketing is becoming more popular with companies who realize that the Internet provides the ideal environment for establishing business relations between companies and customers on an international scale. The Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in a foreign language (other than English) offers excellent results and can become a significant revenue generator for the company. Why foreign language? Well, according to recent studies on consumer behavior, they prefer to buy online from a site written in their language. So speak the language of your audience!

Today optimization for search engines is used as a marketing strategy by many companies: in 2009, 64% of companies in the European commercial space provide an increase in their budget for online campaigns. This investment is also justified by the growth of the advertising market on the internet, which even exceeded in some countries, like the United Kingdom, the traditional TV advertising.

When we talk about SEO in a foreign language must be very attentive to cultural differences. Each language has its cultural complexities and without a thorough initial research, the risks of failure are great. At the European Union in the 27 member states speaking 23 languages. English is the most common of course, but it was the German who has the most native speakers outperforming English, Italian and French.
If you want to open your business to international via online marketing, you'll first need to construct your plan well and do your research to analyze the target market. Make a study of the competition, look for companies in your industry, as well as the supply-demand ratio to determine if there is still room for another new player in the market. After analyzing the results of your search, adjust your offer to the specific findings on the target market.

After having identified if there is a demand for the products / services of your company, go to SEO itself. Start by looking for keywords specific to your industry and used in local searches. Do not be tempted to translate dictionary under a term which has given good results in research in your native language. For example, the literal translation of the term "translation agency" which is very popular in France by those who need professional translations may not work for German. To do this, Google and Yahoo provide you with effective tools that will help you find the right terms.
Once you have found key words, insert into the content of your website translated for the target market. This approach is required for optimizing your site for local search engines like or

To ensure that your site gets faster visibility campaigns start payment-per-click (PPC) on AdWords using your key terms. Optimization For Search Engines in a foreign language and PPC campaigns are really necessary tools for modern companies with international ambitions.

But remember! If the SEO and PPC are the steps needed to get a good position in search engines, it will not be neglected to provide users of your site a solid quality content.


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