Friday, April 5, 2013

Optimizing For Search Engines: Back Links And Keywords

SEO (optimization for search engines) involves many technical aspects and many people end up entangled in the details. Optimization for search engines requires you focalize mainly on two things-the back links and keywords. Everything else can distract you from your goal.

It does not matter whether you are an expert or a novice in SEO Company. It does not matter that you upgrade an existing site or you start from scratch. Always focus your attention on the back and keywords as well as the measurement results links. Ultimately, it is very simple.

Search and select keywords that you think are representative of your website. Most people who are new to SEO first start by choosing keywords that have high search volume before selecting the most relevant terms. Make sure to place the relevance first. If you attract visitors but do not give them what they want, they will not stay on your site. Highlight the keywords you have chosen on your site. Do not use them in meta tags!
The back links

Getting inbound links from other websites is very important in SEO. Having quality backlinks from major sites indicates to search engines that your site is of importance and it is worth watching. Use the keywords you have chosen in your anchor links tells the search engines what your talk pages.
The measurement

Hunt and measure your key metrics at least once a week. Look at the number of indexed pages, the number of valid back links, the authority of your domain name and your home page using Open Site Explorer. Also check other metrics such as your current position on the Search Engines Optimization By regularly these measures, you will find other possible ways of improvement.


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