Sunday, April 7, 2013

Optimizing Website - Referencing

Optimizing a website

For your website naturally positions on pre-defined keywords in a strategic study, its content must be optimized. It is then a strategy of keywords per page and optimizes the structure and the content of each page of the website.

We are able to advise you on the Best SEO Services for your website and provide you with the necessary recommendations to improve its position in the natural results of search engines.

Optimized content is relevant content

Beware of over-optimization of placing the possible keywords related to an activity on a page. This is a mistake because search engines now detect this practice is called the "keyword stuffing." An optimized text is primarily a text that matches perfectly with the theme of a page. Theme which is itself the target keyword.

Clearly, we should not try to "cheat" by making a relevant page on a keyword artificially (excessive keywords in the text). Optimizing a website is ultimately to create that meet the expectations of users who type the query you are targeting real content.

Legends related to keyword density ...

It is often advisable to follow a typical number density of keywords per page. We believe that this analysis is wrong. Unlike many colleagues, we do not calculate the density of keywords that are present on a page, we just put them in a "natural" in the text avoiding repetition, varying the vocabulary and alternating genres.

You are reading at this moment, an optimized page for SEO, as you were aware? Probably not! And therein lays our success. Optimize our text for search engines AND "human" visitors. Read more about seo services by


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