Thursday, April 18, 2013

RSS And Its Importance In SEO Link Building

You always hear that the process of Search Engine Optimization is Link Building. This is quite true. But link building could go down the drain is a waste of effort if the search engines not index those sites that you build links in.

It's similar to to have a website but you have not been subjected to search directories and your website has not been found anywhere on search engines. RSS, also known as atom or live name, are normally made in websites and blogs rss feed.

There are two ways you can do to get these back links that you have built for your SEO of your website and to get the index. One popular way is to provide links to the top10 as RSS web sites. But these sites RSS feed does not normally allow you to present more than 10 links, and link you to build like hundreds and even thousands of websites.

You know maybe not, but the search engines love blogs. Blogs are indexed daily and sometimes even hourly for some major blogs. First step, create a blog like or I personally recommend as it is under the arm of Google, the most popular search engine worlds.

Give a very niche blog name or a name that is very lucrative, you can use popular keywords as the names of these blogs.

Each link online and submit as regular posts. Search engines love blogs and they will index these blogs, and at the same time, they also will index these links and give you a point for the backlinks that you have created.

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