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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Usually referred to as "SEO" (in English for SEO Search Engine Optimization) all techniques to improve the visibility of a website:

Submission (submission in English) of the site to raise awareness of research tools;
Positioning (English ranking) of positioning the pages of a site in a good position in result pages for certain keywords;

The difficulty of the exercise is not so much in promoting the site with search engines in structuring the content and internal and external mesh to be well positioned in the results of the pre-selected keywords.

Indeed, a majority of internet users use search engines to find information and questions as such a search engine using keywords (keywords in English). It is therefore essential before any thing to worry about the content that is being proposed in order to better meet the expectations of users, and to identify the keywords that can be seized by them!

The term SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) means search results as displayed after a request. It is essential to understand that one user to another the results for the same search engine can vary depending on the one hand What the user selected settings (language, number of results per page), but also by location (country, region) where the request is made or the device (mobile, tablet, desktop) or sometimes as requests made previously by the user, and finally because the search engines are regularly A / B testing to test different views. As such, it is not uncommon for a site disappear from SERP on a motion for 24 to 48 hours, then redo its appearance. This means that it takes a minimum of 72 hours before worrying.

This means that it is not because you see in first position as you are bound. To get as close as possible to what most users see results, it is advisable to disable the query history, or navigate using the incognito browser.

The pages referenced in the first position obviously get more visits, followed pages in second position, etc.. The same applies to the pages referenced in the first page from the pages referenced in the second page. Thus, if a page is in the 11th position (hence the second page), it is very interesting to try to optimize to get it to the first page and get a significant gain in unique visitors.

SEO makes sense vis-à-vis keywords (keywords in English), that is to say the words used by visitors to research.

The first task is to determine the keywords on which you want to position the pages of the site. The keywords that you have in mind do not always match the keywords used by visitors, as they tend to use the shortest possible terms or to make spelling mistakes.

In terms of SEO, it is generally between two schools of thought:
White hat SEO (read white hat), referring to the instructions scrupulously SEOs search engines to webmasters in the hope of obtaining a sustainable SEO playing with the rules;
Black hat SEO (read black hat), designating the adopting technical SEOs contrary to the instructions of the search engines in order to get a quick gain pages monetization potential, but with a high risk of decommissioning. SEO black hat and playing cat and mouse with the search engines, regularly adjust their algorithms to identify and decommission the sites do not meet the guidelines. Techniques such as cloaking or happy and spinning are considered dangerous and not recommended.

Before talking about search engine optimization, the first step is to ensure that the major search engines and especially Google (because it is the most used) identify the site and come to browse regularly.

The reference point for the search engines is the web page, so you think, in the design of the website, to structure the pages taking into account the advice above for each page.

Indeed most webmasters think properly index the home page of their site, but abandoning the other pages, or it is usually the other pages that contain the most interesting content. It is therefore imperative to choose a title, URL and Meta (etc.) adapted to each of the pages.

There are a few techniques for site design to give more efficiency to the page referencing a site:

An original and compelling content,
A well chosen title,
An URL adapted
A body readable text engines,
META tags accurately describe the content of the page
Thoughtful links
ALT attributes to describe the content of images.

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Search Engine Optimization

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