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SEO And Social Media Marketing Content, A Winning Trio

Internet is changing very quickly. As an important component of this universe, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) also saw significant changes. Some quick reading on blogs and websites dedicated to web marketing will confirm. Then it was sufficient to register in a few general directories and have a good URL with optimized title to reach the first page of results from a search engine, it is now more difficult to obtain these results with those techniques. The areas of online auto insurance, mortgage and loans, car sales, online job sites and offers more general products.

Companies also want to get most of their investments in what sometimes seems very vague what their web marketing. The Facebook e-commerce, SEO, Internet advertising, e-reputation and other aspects of web marketing give headache for inexperienced what scares these managers. The concepts of ROI and measurability of online marketing efforts thus forcing Internet actors to produce tangible results, often identified as good rankings, many fans and good sales from the internet.

You see probably break the social web as a tool to distribute content. You're absolutely right! Since your fans are already showing some interest in you, they will be both more receptive to your message and to read your content. These may also become spokespersons your brand on the web. So you create a buzz, the "share", "like", "re-tweet", "more" and other means of mention. Your content will be the authority which afforded greater your links in the content value.

For more interesting results, it will be important to:
Clearly identify consumer needs and your client (the company). Because it is ultimately the consumer who create the buzz.
Create original content for the public and if possible give new, proprietary, privileged, popular concepts on the internet.
Identify, through monitoring tools, good distribution channels in social web. For example, sometimes youtube can be more interesting than Facebook or twitter to promote a particular content. Some subjects are often treated in a particular social sites.
Participate in creating a buzz in interaction with users, placing you as an authority in your field and developing a passion to your content .

Having more fans will get encouraging results when you query the search engines. For more details on this, see the article How Social Media Marketing Affects SEO (English) dealing specifically with this issue.
The marriage of SEO, content marketing and social web creates a synergy that will help you get additional results, namely a good presence on search engines, a strong reputation on the web and sales related to internet creating a additional value to your customers.


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