Friday, April 5, 2013

SEO for Longtail Keywords

The keywords will be optimized for the most common are so-called short head keywords, so for example "content marketing." However, users are increasingly also using a long word combination's by engaging content, such as "simple content marketing with blogs." These longer phrases are called long-tail keywords.

They do not consist only of one or two core concepts, but also includes articles, verbs, particles, etc., or consist of a sequence of nouns such as "Google Panda Update Changes."

Why should you optimize for long tail keywords?

Long tail keywords have a lower search volume, so it give users less those longer phrases in Google & Co. a. Therefore it the competition to other websites is creeping lower, since many only optimize short head keywords. In addition, long-tail keywords have the advantage that a user searching with the help of a long-tail keyword, while among many irrelevant results found your highly relevant page (because you have worked closely on this long tail keyword), be much interested in your offer is . Finally, it has not generally sought after "content marketing", but already knew exactly what he wanted: "simple content marketing for blogs".

This makes it easier to convert to a user who is looking for a general term and has to be convinced that is just your page is relevant and useful to him.

The measure of the ratio of search volume and (relevant) search results for a keyword is called the Keyword Efficiency Index (KEI). The more frequently a long-tail keyword is searched and results appear while the less, the better it is for you. It means that you provide a highly relevant search results by SEO Optimisation for that keyword and the user can drag to your page.

Make use of Niche

Quality rather than quantity counts here: use relevant long tail keywords to get very interested users to your site, which can be converted easily. For this you need to create content that relates to niche topics - but the effort will pay off. Google Analytic and other keyword tools will show you which long tail keywords are used thematically close to your industry or your topic. Otherwise, you can search for your short head keywords and Google - for every query you (the dynamic search suggestions that appear below the input line so), and similar searches are displayed Suggests any Google results page at the end.

Set to these long-tail keywords in the 1-to-1 principle: Create per long tail keyword exactly one base, in which you install it in the correct order each day in the title, in headings and the content if necessary. To establish for each relevant long tail keyword exactly a bottom (not to you to make yourself competition). On these pages you can then set internal links, or CTAs, to give the user direct the opportunity to register or similar.

Due to the higher interest of using long tail keywords users searched for something to offer you the chance to work with little use to boost your conversion rate and improve your visibility. Of course you should still improve on short head keywords. But the combination of the two measures is ideal.


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