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Optimization for search engines, also known as SEO (English Search Engine Optimization) is a set of techniques to promote understanding of the subject and / or content of one or all pages 'website by the major search engines a site. This platform aims to provide maximum information about the content of a web page and / or a complete site.

Among other SEO Services, you can also enjoy free:
WHOIS search: direct access to find the MSDS of your website or any other website, free domain etc. ....
Search Page Rank: direct access to view the page rank of any of your web pages, your domain or any other website.

By using this SEO service, you quickly get a number of information elements importances or on your website. Namely:
The Google Page Rank Google Page Rank
DMOZ and Yahoo! Directory Its status in the main directories DMOZ and Yahoo! Directory
Domain age age of this Internet domain
The Alexa traffic rank and Alexa rank world (incl. graphics) traffic
His social bookmarking state Bookmarking
WHOIS WHOIS information (Whois (contraction of who is service - literally? "Is") is used to search the database of domain names ending in en or re and had or.... tf. com. net. org. info,. yt,. pm and. wf.etc .... AFNIC has changed the way the consultation Whois service (since 5 February 2008) to continue to ensure the quality of the service and the protection of personal information.
Backlink The number of backlinks and number of pages indexed
Page Rank Page Rank Button
Enter the URL in question in the form below and click the "SEO Search" button

What are the factors that can increase your Google Page Rank?

The Google PageRank algorithm is very complex, but can provide useful information. Here is a list of elements that could help boost your Google PageRank, a scoring (next) emphasizes the importance we think it should be given to this information.

* Daily updated frequently rely = 2/10
* Add pages frequently = 4/10
* Good neighborhood directories with high levels Page Rank = 7/10
* Websites large (over 1000 pages) = 7/10
* Quality inbound links = 8/10
* Quality Relevant Links = 9/10
* Having no broken links = 5/10
* Presentation of your text (which can increase your PageRank by getting more inbound links) = 6/10
* All these elements combined 10/10 =

Factors that may reduce your Google Page Rank

* Bad inbound links such as poker, porn, sex, drugs, or similar sites = 7/10
* Spamdexing: abusive Optimization SEO techniques for the crawlers of search engine is to modify web pages using keywords in an improper manner to improve rankings in search engines = 8/10 . Among the techniques used:

* The keyword manipulation of adding a long list of words often sought (such as "sex" or "hacking") repeatedly on a page ("Anytown sex", "sex UneAutreVille", "sex EncoreUneAutreVille" " UnVillageTropPetitPourÊtreUneVille sex "and any other possible variation) to appear immediately if you do a search with those words. Sometimes a page that contains the results of a search, put on the web to be found and ranked by search engines and displayed to users seeking the same words.
* The popular keyword stuffing, hidden from visitors but not the robot or by printing white on white, or using the font of the smallest characters, or using them in "comments" and "meta" lines that are not displayed to the user, or by changing the contents of the page after the "robot" or "spider" was read or modifying the server to send a page to the search engine software and other ordinary users.
* Spamming links is to put links to a site that wants to promote in as many as possible other external sites, including public forums and comment pages of other sites. Know more about SEO Services by


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