Tuesday, April 9, 2013

SEO - Natural Search

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), or SEO, defines optimization search engines a website or a web page in particular. The objective of this approach is to get visibility and competitive position on a final set of strategic keywords corresponding to the main themes of the website.

What is SEO?
Unlike the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or paid search, which is an immediate and significant increase in organic traffic in the short term SEO or SEO allows a growing and sustainable increase in the number of visitors in the long term.

The difficulty of an optimization approach for the search engines depends in particular on the competitive nature of your industry and the visibility scale adopted (local, national or international).

Our service includes SEO in web audit, analysis and optimization of the key and a campaign management inbounds links through the use of specialized directories and managing partnerships with specialized websites words.

Why do SEO?
Optimization for search engines to your website ensures an increase in the number of visitors from your target audience and a direct impact on your market segment in the medium term.


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