Sunday, April 7, 2013

SEO & Optimization For Search Engines

Be present in the search engines is now a prerequisite. Nevertheless appear in the top positions is a necessity to overcome the competition and get more traffic and customers.
Improve the position in search engines.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Optimization, using technical solutions and marketing specific tools to facilitate and automate the insertion of a website and its contents in the various directories and search engines like Google ®, Yahoo! ®, Bing ® ...

It is adapting the architecture of the site, its contents and information on substance and form, reaching the positions in the search results.

SEO offers to intervene in the system to add and / or modify the tools and features to allow optimum SEO, automatic and regular in the various search engines and web directories. Unlike SEM, SEO is free if the process is conducted in a systematic manner.
Maximize the content and reputation

The basis of a website is its content. The editor directs (possibly with a clear editorial line) to the public.

Regular content creation, whether informative or commercial (product) is one of the most important dimensions of SEO.

To be positioned on the best places in search results, content must be both:

    * Organized
    * Coherent,
    * Precise,
    * Original,
    * Clear,
    * And oriented.

In addition to that content is properly evaluated by the search engines, it must be accessed.

In other words, if a content has a reputation, search engines will position better and bring more traffic.

Thus, to know the content so that it has increased awareness is one of the key tasks of SEO. There are many options and strategies to stimulate and maintain awareness. Link building, SEM and other methods can be combined to complete SEO.
SEO Methodology

With the aim of achieving the best positions in the research conducted in engines, Soyculto proposes a methodology in 6 steps:

    * Complete Audit of the site, its architecture, its technical structure, its content and editorial procedures,
    * Recommendations for optimization and validation solutions
    * Production of marketing content (speech, keywords ...) and implementation (including monitoring the development) optimization functions
    * Insert the site in the major search engines and other web directories
    * Evaluation, adjustments and maintenance of new features and content marketing for a period of 3 to 6 months,
    * Training to systematize the SEO process.

The SEO Service requires the installation of a traffic accounting system such as Google ® Analytics. The results are evaluated in a concrete way. Monitoring the SEO work is important to ensure continuity of service and optimize long-term SEO.


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