Thursday, April 18, 2013

The End Of PageRank Sculpting

The end is near for the sculptors of Page Rank.

First, a word about Page Rank sculpting, the sculptors Page Rank favorite activity.

All Search Engine Optimisation knows that it is in his interest to get maximum quality links to its site and the internal structure of the site and the presence of external links can influence the Page Rank and other measures of popularity of the site for Google, but the sculptors Page Rank not only to get links and develop the most pleasant and useful as possible for users. Sculptors apply Page Rank to Google a truncated vision of their site, mainly playing with "no follow" attribute.

This approach has always been fundamentally opposed to behavior that Google recommend it webmasters in its rules of good practice. Why? Simply because this kind of sculpture PR adds nothing to the user and it induces Google error.

Google should never have introduced the "no follow" attribute. We wrote often. Demonstrating understanding vis-à-vis the Page rank sculpting, Google has spent a wrong message to SEOs and it could not last.

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