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As some of you already know, the marketing strategies are essential to the success of a company. Among these techniques, we will focus more specifically on SEO "Search Engine Optimizer". This technique aims to improve and influence the ranking of a website on Google and make it appear as high as possible in the results that are called "organic".

The golden rule for a website that is SEO is: For each URL, the content must be unique and must be reported immediately with the complete page itself.

The first thing that should be done in Search Engine Optimisation, having studied the market and know what you want, is the optimization of the website itself. We call this section: SEO optimization "on-page". It is important that each page on your site has what is called a "meta title", a "meta description" and "header".

 The "meta title" your site will be in your top bar of your browser completely. It should contain the keywords of your page and should have a maximum of 70 letters. For "meta description", the number of letters should not exceed 155 and should be a brief description of your page content. For "header", should separate your content unique structured into several sections. It will help the search engine robots to identify the topic of your site and to classify.

These techniques are just the beginning of a series of manipulations to be performed on site before being successful at the ranking of search engines. 

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Digital Marketing is a kind of marketing strategy that relies on electronic medium like television, internet and mobile in promoting a product. It delivers incredible result to the business owners to boost their business online presence and enjoy maximum leads. Digital Marketing Training in Chennai | Digital Marketing Course in Chennai

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