Monday, April 22, 2013

The Link Building Is Good. Promote His hearing Is Better.

For those of you not knowing what the Link Building, there is a strategy to influence the ranking of your blog or site on search engines by getting on other blogs or websites that you, links back to your own website. These links are called "inbound links" or Back links. The number and quality of back links provide a level of importance to your page, which will be taken into account in the allocation of your ranking on search engines.

So we can say that Link Building is one of the basic principles on which is based the SEO because unrelated it is very difficult to show your blog or site on a search engine ... for now.

Other criteria are also taken into account in the ranking of your site. This article covers one of them will, I invite you to do a little research on Google if you want more details.
The Link Building is to get links back to your own blog. To do so, there are various techniques such as link exchange, directory entry, the publication of a press release, the purchase of bonds, "the guest section" or guest post, the placement of a commentary, ... The list is long, each technique has its pros and cons, and a detailed explanation of each of Input-they may be the subject of another article.

The current concern in the world of Link Building is a lot of people or companies focus on the quantity of back links. Whether you're an SEO agency trying to place 300 links per month on blogs for clients or a blogger registering on 30 directories and commenting on 50 blogs per week, the error here is to try to get a Maximum number of back links, and to forget the quality or rather the relevance, which is what Google is focusing more and more.

This article is therefore to clarify the impact generated by a choice is oriented to the number of links, or to the quality of a link.

When one wishes to begin a campaign of Link Building, identify objectives at short, medium and long term. To find out what techniques to use to fulfill its objectives, it begs a question that many of us too often focused on the "robotic" our own website Search Engine Optimisation, avoid.

In other words, is it better to get links simply to inflate its number of back links and focus on the impact of "robotics", or is it better to get natural links by sharing human?

I hope that the second option jumps out at you! "It is self-evident" looks like another, but the first option is so popular that Google is starting to seriously penalize small troublemakers trying to place links around at all costs.


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