Friday, April 12, 2013

Through Social Media, Marketing And Customer Service Come Together For The Better

Social Media Marketing is a phenomenon. In social media, composed by the forums, blogs and social networking sites, social networks boost these new practices. Facebook and Twitter are the two most high profile platforms with an adoption rate very high growth. Facebook celebrated its 7 years a few months ago and now has over 600 million users worldwide, of which 70% are outside the United States. Overall, users spend 55 minutes a day on the platform. Companies have therefore understood that they had to be present on the support, now with more than 1.5 million businesses on Facebook.

We understand that this communication should be taken into account by companies, the risk of flying competition valuable market share.

But its implementation in a professional setting is not so simple.  This new channel is a community, human channel, open dialogue and transparency. Communication "top-down" is no longer good practice.

Marketing services use this channel as a channel of mass marketing because they do not have a choice. An extensive targeting mechanized is not technically possible. Now customers directly express their desires and problems streaming. Marketing must be listening on a more "customer marketing" that "direct marketing." For his part, customer service, is seen wearing a unique channel expression in the full knowledge of all.

Who can control this? How should the company be organized?

How to use both intelligently two very different areas of customer relations?

As well as users of social networks are in the trade and human relations, the company must professionalize its presence and implement a customer relationship as well as human and transparent as possible.

For this, it must be very precise in the execution of its marketing strategy and customer service. This requires on the one hand, by skills: be able to understand these two trades, and on the other by the use of specialized software tools.

Today skills "two-headed" capable of maintaining a marketing campaign and customer service on community support are the skills of "Community Management".

The side of the tools, the company must be accurate, consistent, productive while playing the game of human and social customer relationship. The tools are available for this new customer relationship plays the full implementation of the past 10 years on the telephone and email channels including against foot. For customer service, the first issue of the Historic Canals productivity in a relationship "one-to-one" cold and automated. The goal of "one-to-all" community customer service is to make the human service, transparent and participatory. For marketing, personalization is paramount in the "one-to-one" marketing relationship. On community support, it becomes mass-market while being subject to discussion and comments.

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