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When it comes to online marketing strategy, it is possible to define operations in the short, medium and long term. The results obtained by this type of action therefore depend on the time invested and the means employed. In the case of a company that decides to go on the internet, its leaders should carefully consider efforts to provide varying benefits they can derive from the implementation of an action rather than another and the time required for the results arising from this action can be realized and felt.

SEO: Optimizing web pages in search engines (Search Engine Optimisation)
SEO is optimizing for the search engines to a website through SEO work. The aim is to achieve sustainable strategic positioning on a range of targeted keywords close to the theme of the website to generate organic traffic quality.

SEM: Marketing sponsored links (Search Engine Marketing)
SEM is optimizing the visibility of a website through a PPC campaign (advertising trade ties fee) on a search engine. The objective of this approach paid search is to quickly generate targeted from your identified market segment traffic.

SMO: Marketing applied to social networks (Social Media Optimization)
The SMO talking about social networks and refers to techniques that allow to know a company or brand via social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc ... The objective of SMO strategy is not only to expand its visibility on the Internet but also to improve its online reputation and generate a positive brand image among its target audience.


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The role of social media in today's Internet Marketing has evolved. Social Media Optimization (SMO) opened more opportunities toward online success. See More

Web-based social networking is another incredible approach to get your promoting effort sizzling. It is free and a fun approach to get some astounding movement to your destinations. Online networking Marketing is utilized to associate with individuals, which enables you to manufacture your image to a bigger gathering of people. Visit Here

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