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5 Tips for Search Engine Optimization - WWW.SEOCOMPANYUK.BIZ

On Page Optimization - or "content is king": The most important and most basic of course is always the

The bridge to your website should always be kept fresh

"On Page Optimization" - so that one's website is optimally used. Ensure fresh content is essential.

Tip # 1:
Even if you do not maintain traditional blog - get an editorial calendar and write down at least once a month, a website with a post-own address. Choose a heading has the chance to be ergooglet. As more and more website owners use content management systems such as Joomla or WordPress, this should not be a problem.

Traffic gain from social networks: In our training as social media manager is of course always plays a major role as one gains more visitors - because social media is one of the best ways to generate traffic

Tip # 2:
Link to your website from Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.
This is obviously less exciting when you have a static website and rarely adds new content. But even then you can from time to time in Facebook posts refer to the page - or you can as the "sender" in tweets insert a short URL of your own web address. And of course, there are other social networks like Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ .... you just have to do!

Link Building - the classic with SEO Company: Backlinks are a third important element in search engine optimization. You need strategies as other sites on the own link

Tip # 3:
Often times comment! Especially comments in major newspapers and blogs are very useful. Not only that by doing this (if you do not specify your web address) get a valuable link - you will also find quite with your comment directly to Google - ideally it would be if you can think of at least once a week a full-bodied constructive comment on a topic that you represent . Please just do not "spam comments" - so that you spoil your reputation.

Link Building about online press releases: Press releases are natural for corporations, associations and organizations - why not for you?

Tip # 4:
Take advantage of free press portals - so come sometimes to Google News! Which press portals are currently ranked particularly well is constantly changing. It is recommended that "Google News" to experiment and also to find good current press portals with a few keywords on. With a little practice, according to a press release is created and shipped quickly. All the latest news about your company, you can use - the best of times a month.

Email Marketing - so you also find your content! Last but not least - the e-mail newsletter - still the classic traffic generators.

Tip # 5:
Although you may start with a distribution of 20 subscribers, 30 e-mail - a newsletter is always worthwhile. You must of course have the consent of the addressee, and you must ensure that subscribers are able to easily unsubscribe - but even with a BCC (blind copy) e-mail list, you can begin. Short updates on fresh readable content on your site (your blog) are reference reliable traffic supplier.


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