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Drive Traffic To Your Site

When conventional techniques of Search Engine Optimisation confessed their limits, we must ask the question of creating traffic to your site in a different way.

They are called affiliation, social networks or adding editorial content, these techniques are mastered by referencing pole ENJOY LIFE!

The marketing approach is essential, your corporate website, your online store is not just software tools but advanced your online communication and your business positions.

Technical Affiliate

The principle is simple. I insert a banner on a website and I pays the host site each time a user clicks on it to get to my site ... implementation can sometimes be more difficult because it must be able to identify the "good" sites capable of generating qualified traffic may become a pool of potential customers. The role of your service is set up with the right targets, selecting the right media, create attractive banners and offer a reliable and objective analysis of the results.

Social Networks

They are fashionable and are becoming increasingly important in online communication and trade. The best known of them are Facebook, Viadeo and LinkedIn and all those who "have" online have their wall and share a lot of information, creating a dense network on the web, generating many links. Others chose Twitter to publicize all the essential ideas they want to share!
We manufacture according to your lines of communication, the tools to optimize the publication of information on Facebook or Twitter ... and if you have more original ideas, we study the feasibility with you before making a specific development.

Editorial Content

We can not say enough, the search engines feed on words!
Create editorial content and publish it on good sites may be paid if the targets were well chosen and if the contents are up to. Then, the links will do the rest and you will get targeted traffic interested in the content of your communication.


An old technique should not be overlooked.

It is certainly not without its faults, as the proliferation of spam barriers, the difficulty of finding reliable databases of emails and especially the proliferation of messages not complying with the rules.

Used sparingly and targeted files on your own, it may nevertheless consituer a useful addition to the traffic to your site. Success is in the mix...

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