Monday, May 13, 2013

Google: The Latest Release Of Panda

Matt Cutts had announced Friday, March 15, some webmasters confirm that the update Panda (25) would be gone this weekend.

This is the last official day as Google has announced that Panda will now be integrated directly by the engine algorithm for an update. The announcement comes just days after the announcement of the next filter punishing ecommerce sites.

Panda invisible, it means what?
Integrated into the Google Panda algorithm, it first involves a loss of visibility for SEOs when changing positions in the SERPs of Google .. Difficult to say with certainty that a penalty is due to a filter if you do not have the dates of launches. This means above all in case of loss of position, it will be harder to find the cause and correct it.

It seems logical that Google integrates its Panda algorithm. If he had not, it would simply mean that it is a secondary filter, the reduced importance. The integration in the algorithm also strengthens psychosis related to the beast, to hover continuously sword of Damocles over Search Engine Optimization.
Panda that is added to the Google algorithm also goes in the direction of the engine about the authors. A skilled writer, who publishes regularly will always be more likely to dodge the blows of bamboo.
This integration of the Panda algorithm recalls the already distant time when the engine was its updates occasionally, during the famous Google Dance. When the Dance became constant, it has forced SEO professionals to change their habits to improve the quality of their sites. The shadow of the Panda algorithm should again push webmasters to monitor the content of their sites.

For SEO, the main advantage of a continuous updating of the Google Panda algorithm and is able to perform tests quickly, without waiting for the monthly update. Obviously, in case of sanction, it also allows to find its position more quickly.
Penguin and then?
The logical extension of this is that Google integrates Penguin in its algorithm. As for Panda, it means that the engine gives out any confidence in this filter. And he has a real role to play in positioning.

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