Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Part 1: SEO Audit - Before You Start

You all expect, the finally here: the ultimate guide to achieve an Search Engine Optimization audit from A to Z. Very difficult to achieve for the simple reason that I never performed an audit in the same way back. So we will start by asking the basics before entering the heart of the matter.

An audit is performed according to the objectives of the site, and this is the reason why an audit for a site does not look like that done for another site. The first thing to consider is to clearly define what the customer wants to know what direction you should take to achieve your audit. That said, it's time to start.

Above all, try to recover as much information as possible, the main ones being:

*Access to the Analytics (Google Analytics, etc.).
*Access to Google Webmaster Tools
*Access to Bing Webmaster Tools
*Recovery logs
*Access to the server, or at least a copy of the file.
A properly configured analytics tool will also give you the conversion rate, the more pages that convert, site goals, etc.. Unfortunately, very often the tool is not configured or used 100% and it will ask to have these statistics in a different way.

It also often happens that no account Webmaster Tools does not exist, it is not necessarily easy work, but as nothing is ever too late; this is the perfect time to create

Why is this information important? Simply because they will:

*To know the activity of the motors on the site.
*To know the behavior on the site.
*To already identify potential blocking factors.
*The tools needed, on your side, we will have a deployed arsenal.

A crawler
If you could use only one tool, it would be this one. At a minimum, the crawler must be highlighted:

The status of the URL (or response code, you call it like you want).
The depth level.
File type.
This is the subsistence minimum. Ideally, the crawler can also show information such as:

Guidelines (meta robots, X-Robots-Tag)
Title the page
 Weight files
 The presence or absence of a canonical.
 The number of internal and external links.
 Content of h1 and h2.
Of course, depending on the objectives, other information may be useful / necessary. Decide for yourself what to get or not

A back links analyzer
If Webmaster Tools already give us information on inbound links, they are unfortunately far from complete. This is why a link analysis tool will be useful. Indeed, we certainly need to know information such as:
anchor inbound links
the total number of links and fields
quality inbound domains

A visibility tool
Necessarily imprecise yet indispensable tool visibility will be an overview of the presence of the site on the engines, the presence of competitors, but also to assess the development potential of the site in terms of visibility, so in terms traffic, so in terms of turnover.

A positioning tool keywords
I do not deny that it is really not that important to me. I will still mention it in this folder and share with you my opinion and its possible uses.

Performance of a tool
Not be necessary because a complete analysis can logically define what levers to push to improve site performance, but I must admit that Page Speed ​​or YSlow Insight makes life easier

You now have at hand everything you need to get started in a good SEO audit, it misses you more than the methodology. Once is not custom, I'll meet you tomorrow for the rest of the file. Small teaser: we will start with technical analysis, but I bet you already guessed. 

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