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Penguin: New Google Algorithm

Penguin Google may penalize pages one by one and not the site as a whole, as is the case with the Google Panda brother. And your site will not be penalized as a whole for a single gap or breach of the rules of Google.

Unlike Panda, Penguin is included in the general algorithm of Google, this is not an additional filter:

*Google Panda, re-evaluates the sites once a month to ensure that its rules are respected.
*Google Penguin analysis almost always referencing site. If you are penalized by Penguin and you adjust your Search Engine Optimization criteria, then the penalty can stop almost immediately.

According to our analysis, this is the main feature of this new algorithm:

Netlinking: This algorithm is essentially based on the external elements of the site and less on internal components. It appears that the over-optimized netlinking is the cause of delisting.

Optimize website content

Negative elements taken into account by Penguin.

Attention to titles
* Prevent the accumulation of key phrases in titles.
* Do not repeat the main keyword in the h1 tag, h2, h3 ...

The content of the page
* Repeat key words in the text is useless. It is better to type a text and well done.
* Do not saturate the pages with advertisements.

Internal and external links in the site text
* Beware of poor quality external links.
* Do not repeat the same internal links (this is what can happen with tools that automatically insert links).

Finally, all this is not new ... and already penalized by Panda ...

The criteria for off-site: the netlinking

Negative elements external to the site considered by Penguin.

* Do not build backlinks, especially if the anchor contains verbatim the main request of the landing page.
* Avoid many backlinks coming from forums that have nothing to do with your topic.
* Avoid backlinks from sites medium or low quality and systematically from sites Press Releases.
* Prevent the accumulation of backlinks from sites abroad in a foreign language.
* Attention to buy backlinks.
* Too many backlinks from different websites, but the same owner would be too visible.

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