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SEO And Google Bombing Spamdexing

Google Bombing Spamdexing
SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the practice is to make a website appear in the top results of search engines, using keywords directly related to its theme. Most often, as is the case for this site appearing in the first place search on Google for Search Engine Optimization, a place in the top 10 results of the major search engines is guaranteed. Many companies specialize in SEO and it would be boring to know the various tools at their disposal to boost a site and the front line. The interest is obvious for a company that wants to bring up his site to its competitors as a result of a search for a particular product on keywords related to its business.

SEO Challenges

There are so-called "SEO challenge" which are kind of competition to get better ranking on the search engines (the winner is the one who pushes his site in the first place) for a given keyword. Most often, this single key word is not indexed before (on Google: "No records match the specified search"). Prizes are awarded to winners as a function of time during which the site retains its place (1 month, 2 months etc.


Misuse of these practices led to the so-called spamdexing (dexing for indexing: SEO, spam representing a "massive electronic communications, including e-mail, unsolicited recipients, for advertising or dishonest purposes.")
The difference between SEO and spamdexing is not obvious, although the techniques used for spamdexing are identifiable (and reprehensible) abusive proliferation of links pointing to the same address, networking sites whose main purpose is their own interconnection, giving the whole a "weight" on the search engines. Google, for example, a link to a site is considered a vote, you can see the latter technique as a self-election. Google does not seem to have automatic methods to identify and remove these spamdexing "improper referrals" case by case.

Spamdexing = Google Bombing?

In light of these factors, where can you put the practice of Google Bombing (or Link Bombing)? Is this an honest or dishonest SEO? Google responds: "We do not condone the practice of Google bombing, or any other action that seeks to affect the integrity of our search results (...) but they do not affect the overall quality.

The Google Bombing can be assimilated to spamdexing, in its use for commercial purposes, ie in the case of a contract between the related "spamdexer" and the target company, or in the case of "ego-bomb" which aims to promote their own site through the practice of spamdexing
In this case, Google Bombing and spamdexing are confused.

However, in most other cases, and this is what interest me, Google Bombing does not control to promote a site so dishonest (or removing any financial benefit). Each link is a vote as defined by Google, a vote for the positioning information of a site in the first place search results, often tinged dispute.

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