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The Importance Of SEO In 2013

As its name suggests, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to optimize its better referenced by search engines keywords defined website to. Optimization must be made at both the technical elements (Title tag, Alt tag ...) at the level of popularity and site content. However, the very secrets engine algorithms do not know precisely what will gain or lose seats in the SERP (results pages). And this is where lies the crux of the matter as only the expertise, experience and knowledge in this area will use effective techniques.

Preferred AdWords, SEO relegated?

Those who try can confirm: establishing Search Engine Optimization becomes more and more complex. In addition, natural links are less visible in the pages of results in favor of paid search (AdWords) that earns gradually ground.

These recent developments show us:
Algorithms Panda and Penguin appeared in 2012 which penalized a mass of sites in order to fight against the blackhat techniques and over-optimization. Many sites have seen their ranking plummeted sometimes without understanding why. In this case, those who allow them to get used to a great position.

The appearance of the Knowledge Graph allowing users to get the answers directly to their request has slipped natural website traffic.

The integration of results from Google Shopping on the first page of SERP which leaves less room for natural links.

The new display Google image does not display the original default page background
Concealment of keywords typed by the holders of a Google Account with the phrase "not provided" but available to AdWords advertisers.

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Importance of SEO is increasing continuously with time but at same time it is becoming tougher and tougher to improve ranking of website on search engine. Earlier SEO Company can easily improve ranking of your website but now only top SEO Company can able to improve ranking by following best seo practice

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