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Why Unique Content Is Important For SEO

In the SEO game, content is still king - UNIQUE content, that is. If you want your site to gain Search Engine Optimisation, original service, part informative, and reader friendly articles is always the best choice.

How the copied content can hurt your search engine rankings:

Like many other fast solutions used by website owners rush to get their ranking up, duplicate content is backfiring (big time). This is because search engines are becoming more intelligent - they can now differentiate the real deal of copiers. Google, for example, can tell if a site is duplicating his malice pages to manipulate search engine rankings or mislead users. If you copy the contents of another Web site or publish your own content into multiple pages, your site may be penalized. Its ranking will go down (at least), or worse, it may be banned.

Why Unique Content is King:

In addition to making your site "desirable" for the search engines, unique content can also market your website and you tons of traffic.

1. Enjoy free article directories that allow you to place a link on your site in exchange for a single item that you contribute. These sites usually have high page ranks and getting an inbound link them never hurts. In addition, users who come across items that you contribute to this site may click on the link in your site gain significant traffic.

2. Writing your own unique content makes your website credible - if you do it often enough and really put a lot of research on what you write, (a) you position yourself as an "expert" in your specific area and gain (b ) a faithful readership. Users search pages and pages looking for reliable information - give it to them and they will come back for more.

3. Webmasters websites rank high love content, unique informative. They are more likely to link to your site and even encouraged others if they see that your articles are not plagiarized and are very useful for their readers.

4. Do you want to avoid prosecution? Can not plagiarize. If you duplicate items from other sites without permission of the original author, you may face costly trial copyright infringement.

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Thanks for sharing wonderful post..Really Unique content is king because Major search engines like Google and Yahoo at times severely punish identical or duplicate content that is found on more than one website.Bottom line is, if our website has a good and unique content, it will automatically attract more visitors who are looking for genuine information.So quality of the content have great impact on online business.

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Great article! I always say in any area of life, the foundation of what your doing is important, so learn the basics well. This article sets people up with the basic information they need to get started and grow.
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Content is still king - unique content, that is! If you want your website to do well with SEO, then unique content is a must.More Information

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